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03 Oct 2013
Harry Reid won't save Cancer Victims

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11 Jul 2013
Obamacare delay Unconstitutional!

  Obamacare is such a mess that even President Obama is doing everything possible to prevent it's full implementation, even resorting to refusing to enforce the employer mandate, in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution.

  Obamacare was rammed down our thoats by the Democrats in Congress using bribes, questionable tactics, and flat out lies, to get it passed. Now they are refusing to implement the employer mandate because they know that it will result in massive layoffs and reductions in the workforce in the months leading up to the 2014 midterm elections. We are already seeing daily reports of companies laying off workers and redcuing hours to avoid the 50 employee cutoff that requires them to provide healthcare inurance under Obamacare, and it is only going to escalate the closer we get to the full implementattion of the law.

  If President Obama is allowed to choose which laws he wishes to implement, doesn't that make him more of a dictator than a democratically elected representative of the people. Obamacare is the law of the land, and like it or not, the employer mandate is effective at the start of 2014. There is no discretion in the law to change the implementatioin date. None!!

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05 Feb 2013
From My cold dead hands...
Father testifies at Gun Control Hearing in Conncecticutt

  The following video is from a legislative hearing in Connecticutt concerning gun restrictions. The father testifying has a daughter that attends the same school district as the Sandy Hook School. His testimony should be memorized by every gun owner in America. Everything he says embodies the meaning of our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

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14 Jan 2013
Who will fight for us, and our Constitution??

  As a knee-jerk reaction to the school shootings in Sandy Hook, Connecticutt, The New York State Legislature is pushing through anti-gun legislation as a write this very article. The Democrats and Governor Cuomo are taking advantage of a Dysfunctional republican party to dismantle our constitutional rights in the state of NY. The law they are passing will force all "Assault weapon" owners in NY to register their guns. I for one, will not, and I encourage every gun owner in NY, to refuse to succumb to their Stalinesque mandate. The government has no right to know what weapons I own or how many. The 2nd amendment is in the constitution to protect us from the very people who are attempting to take our rights away. The new law will also limit the size of magazines to seven rounds, eliminate the sale of certain weapons, and will not allow the transfer or sale of these weapons. So if you die, the state of NY will confiscate your weapons and destroy them. You will not be able to leave them to your family, or anyone else for that matter.

Click here to read more and get updates.

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22 Dec 2012
Good guys carry guns too.

  It is now one week after the Horrific shootings at Sandy Brook Elementary school where 20 first-grade children and 6 adults were mercilessly slaughtered by a psychotic man armed with three guns. I refuse to participate in naming this individual, and I wish everyone else would stop saying his name and let him just be another killer instead of the infamous "John Smith". He does not deserve to be remembered. The children and teahcers that he gunned down are the ones that deserve to be remembered.

  The conversation has now turned to what we can do to prevent a tragedy like this from happening ever again in America. What can we do to protect our children if another crazed lunatic decides to go to a school and ruthlessly gun them down. There has been a barage of media coverage for the last week calling for new gun laws, and getting rid of certain guns entirely. They want to reinstate the Assault weapons ban that expired on 2004. A ban that did nothing to curtail the violence and death associated with guns in America. Even if the left got everything that they wanted, this would do nothing to take the guns out of the hands of criminals. It would however, place even more restrictions on law-abiding citizens who just want to protect themsleves and their loved ones.

  The NRA has come out with the best solution to protect our children. We need to place armed security people in our schools. Whether they are the same police officers who protect us every day, or a private security company, does not matter. What does matter is that this is the best way to prevent someone from summarily executing multiple people in our schools. How many deaths could have been prevented at Sandy Brook, or Virginia Tech, or Columbine if there were armed security guards there to protect the citizens who deserve the most protection, and who are basically trapped in an environment with no means of escape or protection. I cannot think of a more effective way to protect the schools if they are attacked.

  Currently, there are already schools in America that have police officers, armed security personel and even teachers with concealed-carry permits protecting our children. There has never been one instance of an accidental shooting by any of these people, and there have been no shootings whatsoever at any of these schools. President Clinton had placed cops in the school in the 90's, and there were no complaints back then and there were no shootings at any of these schools, accidental or otherwise. If we already have school systems that have armed security, and it is a success, then why are the left-wing of this country so against placing these people in every school? I assume the answer is quit simple and quite scary. It is purely for political reasons. To them, all guns are bad, whether they are in the hands of criminals or in the hands of police officers.

  What the left of theis country fails to realize is that...

Good guys carry guns too!!

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07 Nov 2012
America is dead...Obama Wins

  I would like to thank all of you greedy, selfish, ignorant voters that cast their ballot for Obama Yesterday. Thanks to you we can now look forward to rising gas prices, inflation, debt, and unemployment for another 4 years. So for right now, all I can tell you is to "GO FUCK YOURSELVES" In four years, I will tell you "I told you so."

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04 Nov 2012

  The election season is almost over, and the polls will be open on Tuesday. We need to make sure that every Republican, conservetive, and Independent Romney supporter, turns out to vote on Tuesday. None of the polls matter anymore. It is all about who gets out to vote. If we sit back and let Obama win a second term, it will not only be disasterous economically, but it will also change the whole ideology of our country that has made us the envy of the world for over two hundred years. It is no surprise to anyone that President Obama believes that the government is better equipped to handle the problems in America better than the private sector. He has pumped trillions of dollars into our economy over the last four years and many people would argue that things have actually gotten worse and not better. He has turned over 1/6th of our economy over to the federal government's control through Obamacare, and the only way to stop it is to vote him out of office. If you look at the issues rationally, there is really no choice but Romney. He has the record, and the experience to bring us out of this 4 year recession, and put us back on the path to prosperity, self-reliance, and individual responsibility. I have outlined below some of the issues that I think are vital to turning around our country, and why Romney is the best choice to fix them.

  Jobs: Obama has been a failure on jobs. We are currently at an unemployment rate of 7.9% in America. As if that number wasn't bad enough, the real U-6 unemployment rate is over 14%. Click here to see the chart.This includes all of the people who have dropped out of the labor force, and aren't even counted in the 7.9% number that the MSM likes to report. Also, the labor participation rate is at it's lowest level since the days of Jimmy Carter.Click here to see the chart.

  Mitt Romney has a proven record as a job creator and leader. He was the successful governor of the state of Massachussetts. He took over and saved the 2000 Olympic Games, and he was CEO of Bain Capital, which was responsible for the creation and/or expansion of hundreds of successful companies. Mitt Romney has worked with democrats while he was governor, and got things done. Can the same be said about Presideent Obama, who forced the biggest change in our economy, Obamacare, down America's throat, by bribing Senators to get their votes and using questionable procedural tactics to get it through the House and Senate.

  The Supreme Court: The next president will appoint at least 2 members of the Supreme Court. We do not need President Obama to appoint two more liberals to the court. It was the liberals who voted against property rights in the Kelo vs. New London case. It was the Liberala who voted to take away your gun rights in the Heller case. It was also the liberals who voted to uphold Obamacare, under the premise that the federal government can force you to buy anything because they want you to. The two justices that will be leaving soon are both liberals. With Romney as president, we can replace them with Justices who believe and uphold our constitution, and will ensure that laws do not contradict and violate it's pricniples.

  Libya: Four Americans were recently killed in Benghazi, Libya at the U.S. Embassy. There are many questions that remain about the months leading up to their murders, the actions of the Obama administration during the attack, and the suspected cover-up by the administration in the aftermath of the attack, blaming a youtube video for the attack, when they were well aware that it was a coordinated terrorist attack. More and more information is coming out daily painting a portrait of incompetence, ignorance, and deception on the part of this administration. It is shameful that we did not do all that we could to save these four Americans who were on American soil when they were murdered. While we are on the subject of terrorism; Why is the Ft. Hood Shooting still officially listed as an act of workplace violence and not the act of terrorism that the evidence and actions of the terrorist clearly indicate.

  Energy: Gas prices in America have been over $3 a gallon for the longest period in America's history. The average family is spending and extra $2000 - $50000 a year on gas. The extra expense more than wipes out any tax breaks that have been instituted in the last 4 years. President Obama's agenda is clear. He has reduced drilling permits on federal land by over 60%. His EPA is on a mission to wipe out the coal industry in America, which provides over 50% of all of our energy needs. Obama has given our money to Solar companies by the billions, which have gone bankrupt at the expense of the American Taxpayers. We cannot continue on this path. As we eliminate coal, oil and natural gas, it raises the cost of almost everything that we buy, from gas, to utilities, and the products that we buy in the stores. Mitt Romney has a plan to make us Energy independent and create millions of jobs at the same time. Incresed production of natural gas and oil will accomplish both of those goals, and will lower the price of gas for everyone, saving families thousands of dollars every year.

  The choice is clear. We need Mitt Romney in America more now than ever. He is a proven leader. President Obama is a proven failure. When you close that curtain on tuesday to pull the lever, forget about all of the arguing and posturing that has been going on with your friends and co-workers. No one will know that you voted for Romney except for you. You know it is the best thing for you. You know that it is the best thing for your family. And you know that it is the best thing for America.

Vote for Romney, and you vote to save America's future.

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28 Oct 2012
Did we leave our soldiers to die?

  It has been six weeks since the terrorist attack on our embassy in the city of Benghazi, Libya. Since that time we had an administration that sent out their representatives for two weeks telling the American people that the attack was a spontaneous attack as a direct result of a Youtube video about the prophet of Mohammad.

  We now know that this is not true. Within two hours of the attack, the White House knew that it was an act of terrorism perpetrated by the Ansar al-Sharia group. They posted it on-line. WE also now know that there were drones over the embassy during the attack. The administration is refuseing to say whether of not these drones were armed or unarmed. What we do know is that the White House was receiving a live video feed of our people being attacked by a terrorist organization, and they refused to do anything to save them. They did not send reinforcements. They did not fire one shot from the drones. They did nothing!

  What happened in Benghazi? Why did we leave our people to be needlessly slaughtered by terrorists while the White House watched on TV like it was a lost episode of "24"? This is cowardice! This is incompetence! This is Disgraceful!

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09 Sept 2012
Are you better off than 4 years ago.

  Are you better off than you were four years ago? And more importantly, is America better off than it was 4 years ago. These are the two biggest questions that voters need to ask themselves as they walk into the voting booth on November 6th, and pull the lever for their candidate. My question is, Do the majority of Amrericans have the intelligence, and the sef-control, to vote for what they know is right, and not for what their party leaders tell them is right? Will people vote more out of greed, and their own self-interests, or will they vote for what is right and fair.

  Clck here for some of the important statistics since the inaugeration of Barack Obama.

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11 Aug 2012
Romney picks Paul Ryan for VP.

  This morning, Mitt Romney announced, with the U.S.S. Wisconsin as his backdrop, that his Vice Presidential choice for the 2012 election will be the Head of the House Budget Committee, Paul Ryan. The announcement was a bold move on Romney's part, but was also the best move. Paul Ryan is probably the smartest man in all of Washington D.C. and is not afraid to stand toe-to-toe against his detractors. He has had a few run-ins with President Obama over the deficit and spending. Paul Ryan is also the author of the Ryan Budget Plan, which is the first real effort that any congressman has made to seriously address the financial turmoil that our country is facing in the very near future.

  The videos below, are just two examples of Paul Ryan's brilliance.

  Democrats, of course, came right out after the announcement, attacking Ryan as another Republican who wants to take money from the poor to fund tax cuts for the rich. This is in contrast of course to the democrat strategy of taking money from everyone, and then redistributing it to the people that they deem worthy. We are living in the midst of the democrat "recovery" and we can see the results all around us.

  This upcoming election, will be one of the most important elections in our nation's history. It is not only a decision about who will be running our country, it is a decision about how our country will be run. Mitt Romney is a proven leader. He has run Bain capital, Making his investors millions, and helping companies like Staples and Sports Authority become capitalism success stories. He also took a failing 2002 Olympics and turned it into a profitable, successful endeavor. He was Governor of the State of Massachussetts, working with a democrat Senate and Assembly to get things done. Mitt Romney is also a succcessful husband and father. Compare that to Obama's record of drug dealing, no private-sector experience and questionable associates. The only record Obama has to run on from his political career is a record of failure.(See above) The Choice should be clear to anyone that Mitt Romney is far more qualified for the job of President of the United States.

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07 JAug 2012
Treasury Department behind Delphi Pension fund cut-off.

  It appears that Timothy Geithner and his Treasury department pushed Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation to cut-off the pensions of retirees because they were non-union workers.
Click here to read the full story

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28 Jul 2012
Representative Mike Kelly gives great Speech at House.

  Representative Mike Kelly gave a great speech at the House of Representatives this week. This is what we are fighting for on November 7th.

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17 Jun 2012
Obama: If you succeed in America, It's because of the government, not you.

  The below video clip from an Obama campaign speech in Roanoke, Virginia on 13 Jul 12, should put to rest any notions that Obama is not trying to turn America into his version of a socialist Utopia. Anyone who has ever created a business, become successful, or even just worked there whole lives to make things better for their family, should be outraged and afraid of what he said. To think that no one in America makes it without government having it's hand involved is ludicrous. In 9 out of 10 cases, it is government involvemnet that causes most businesses to fail.

  Listen to the words in the video. The campaign said that Obama just mispoke, but listen to the full context of his remarks. He truly believes that the government is responsible for everyone's succeess and that we cannot make it on our own. Well, Mr. President, America became the greatest nation in the world because we have had millions of people who have made it on their own. The evidence of the last three and a half years should be telling you that government isn't the solution to our problems, goernment is the problem.

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29 Jun 2012
21 New Taxes Under Obomacare

  There will be at least 21 new taxes under ObamaCare. Click here to see them.

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29 Jun 2012
Attorney General Eric Holder found in contempt of Congress

  For the first time in American History, a sitting US Attorney Eneral haws been found to be in contempt of Congress. ...Click here to read more

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23 Jun 2012
Is Obama destroying Black America

  Are President Obama's policies destroying all of the gains that have been made in the Black community in America over the last couple of decades. The facts seem to say yes.
...Click here to read more.

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20 Jun 2012
President Obama cites Executive privilege in effort to save Attorney General from Contempt of Congress Charge.

Eric Holder  President Obama raised the bar today when he made an eleventh hour executive privilege declaration concerning subpoenaed papers by the House Oversight Committee. The papers were Subpoenaed as part of the committee's investigation into the "Fast and Furious" gun walking operation conducted by the ATF and the justice department that resulted in the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and others. ...Click here to read more

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06 Jun 2012
Obama says that "the private sector is doing fine"

  How clueless is President Obama about our economic situtaion? Watch the short clip below and see for yourself.

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06 Jun 2012
Wisconsin governor Scott Walker wins recall 53 to 46%

   Scott Walker became the first Governor in American History to turn back a recall effort by defeating Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett by a 53% to 46% vote last night. Walker became the target of dissgruntled public union members after he took away their colllective bargaining rights and gave union members the right not to join the unions. Since the rules were put in place, AFCME membership has declined from 62,000 to 28,000, a 54% decrease. That is what this whole election was about. The unions know that when you give employees the choice, they will choose not to join the union, which costs the unions a lot of money.

The people of Wisconsin gave me hope yesterday. Maybe people are finally realizing that we cannot continue on the path that we have taken over the last 50 years. Public-sector unions cannnot be allowed to bleed our governments dry while the rest of us must sacrifice our hard-earned pay to pay for their exhorbitant healthcare plans and pension deals. How will this bode for Mitt Romney? I think that you will see his poll numbers rise in the next couple of weeks. Last night's results give people hope.

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02 Jun 2012
Unemployment climbs back up to 8.2%...Obama continues to Blame Bush

   Only 69,000 new jobs were created in the month of May, causing the unemployment rate to creep back up to 8.2%. This was the wrost month for job creation in a year, and is causing recession fears amongst some economists.

The Obama administration continues to take the "It is George Bush's fault" tactic when it comes to taking any responsibility for the condition of the economy. Harry Truman must be spinning in his grave right now. Truman made the phrase "The buck stops here" famous. Obama seems content to make the phrase "Don't blame me " his legacy.

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31 May 12
Obama's first term

   Below is a nice video showing all of the great things tha President Obama has done in his first term.

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23 May 12
3.4 Million New Yorkers have left the state in the last decade.

  It isn't just Rush Limbaugh and Tom Golllisano leaving New York. It seems like everyone that can, is fleeing the highest-taxed liberal Utopia known as the Empire State.

3.4 Million people have left NY in the last decade, moving to places like Florida, where there is no income tax. 2.1 Million people have moved here in the last 10 years, but that is only because they didn't know any better. Someone really should have warned them at the border.
You can read the story from CNSNEWS here.

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23 May 12
51% Pro-Life, 42% Pro-Abortion

  The newest Gallop Poll shows that 51% of Americans are pro-life, with only 42% calling them Pro-choice, or Pro_Abortion as I call it. By listening to the MSM you would never know that most of America is Pro-life.
Abortion View Gallop Poll

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22 May 12
What have you done for me lately, Mr. Obama

   Crossroads GPS put out a new video showing the effects of the first Obama administrations policies. Can America survive a second Obama term?

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21 May 12
Penn Jillette...Supporter of 10th amendment rights, not so much for Obama.

  Penn Jillete recently went on a 5 minute rant about states rights concerning drug laws and the hypocrisy of President Obama. Jillete points out the fact the Obama wrote in his book that he smoked marijuana and "May have done a little blow." He then points out that Obmaa would not be President if he had been prosecuted for his crimes.

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20 May 12
More Occupy members arrested on Terrorism charges.

  Three men were arrested in Chicago for planning a terrorist attack against Chicago police and government officials. At least two of the men are members of the occupy movement as confimed by their facebook pages below.

This is the second terrorist attack by occupy members that was thwarted by law enforcement in the last few weeks. How long will it be before just one of these attacks is successful? These are the people that are supposed to be representative of the 99%, and some of them continue to plot to kill innocent Americans. When will America finally wake up to their true intentions?
Read the story here.
Click here to read about the Cleveland Occupy Terrorists arrested a few weeks ago.

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19 May 12
Labor participation rate at lowest level since Jimmy Carter left office.

  The below chart shows the Labor Participation rate from 1970 until the present. As you can see, the labor participation rate today, is the lowest it has been since Jimmy Carter left Office. This is a far better indicator of where our job market is than the 8.1% U-3 Unemployment rate that you hear on the news. Currently, less than 64% of Americans have jobs. That means that 36% of Americans are doing nothing. They are the ones that the rest of have to pay taxes to support.

Labor Participation Rate
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10 May 12
Delphi Pensions stolen by Obama Administration

  While President Obama's Surrogates and Super-Pacs are out releasing ads claiming that Mitt Romney destroyed employee pensions and benefit plans for workers of comapanies that Bain Capital dealt with while he was there, former employees of Delphi are camplaining that the Obama administration did exactly what they accuse Romney of, to them, as part of the GM Auto Bailout.

Click here to read more.

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10 May 12
The real unemploymet rate is over 13%

  The Obama administration points to the U-3 Unemployment number of 8.1% as proof that the economy is getting better, when they know full well that the U-3 number is a distorted, manipulated figure that doesn't show the number of poeple who have actually left the labor market. The labor participation rate tells the real story of how many people are out of work. The Labor Participation rate is at it's lowest in decades at 58.4%. It was 67.3% when George W. Bush took office in 2001, and was 65.5% when President Obama took office in 2009. Over 32% of all Americans are no longer participating in the labor market. If we compare the Labor participation rate of today with the rate from when Bush was President, the real unemploymentr rate is over 13%.

  To read the full Story, Click the link below.
The real unemployment rate

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04 May 12
France and Greece decide to end Austerity measures, voting Socialists and Neo-Nazis into power.

  The country of France decided to get rid of President Sarkuzy and replace him with a socialist, and Greece put Neo-Nazis in power because the citizens of these two countries do not wnat to be responsible for the disaster of an econmy that they have produced in thier ownd countries due to past socialist programs.

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04 May 12
President Obama coming to Capital Region on Tuesday...Updated

  The Obama adminstrtaion changed locations for his speech which will now be given at th SUNY Albany Nanotech Campus. This has caused national speculation that he cahnged locations due to the fact that the Global Foundries plantin Malta is owned by the country of Abu Dabai. Personally,I don't care who owns the company. They have created almost 20000 high paying jobs in the area which is more than the Obama administration has done for us.

   President Obama will be coming to speak at the New Global Foundries Chip Fab Plant in Malta, NY on Tuesday, May 8th. This will be yet another taxpayer-funded campaign stop as part of his record-setting campaign tour this year. President Obama has made more campaign speeches so far than the last 5 Presidents combined.

  I can only assume that President Obama's speech will focus on the 1500 Jobs that are being created at the plant and the importance of government investment in businesses. There is about a 20% chance that he will mention that the Malta plant received over $1.5 Billion of taxpayer money to bring Global Foundries to our area.

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03 May 12
Occupy Terrorists update courtesy of the Sean Hannity Show

  Sean Hannity did a good job of summarizing the Occupy Rallies of this week. Below is a video with a debate between Michelle Malkin and Juan williams.

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01 May 12
Occupy Cleveland Terrorists arrested for trying to blow up bridge

  5 Men were arrested by the FBI in Cleveland today,for attempting to blow up a bridge there. At least two of the men were members of the Occupy Cleveland movement, according to their facebook pages.

  This is the true face of the Occupy movememt, in my opinion. We have a bunch of Marxists, Communists, Socialists, and anarchists who worship Machiavelli, and have no sense of morality, running around trying to destroy everything that America stands for. My question is this:
"Will the MSM report that these people are members of the Occupy movement, or will they continue to hide the truth, and portray these men as anarchists."

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01 May 12
John Lovitz finally realizes what big government is all aout.

  Below, is the video of John Lovitz's rant on taxes. There is alot of profane language but it is still hilarious, and true.

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28 Apr 12
High School students walk out of Journalism Conference after being verbally attacked by Dan Savage in an anti-bible profane speech

  Dan Savage,the gay writer of Savage Nation, decided to attack Christians at a National Journalism Conference for High School Students speech. It is nice to see that Christians are the only group that can be attacked in America without repercussions. Mr. Savage apparently thinks that his kind of hate-speech is okay, even for high school students.

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24 Apr 12
Obama administration spending $8 Billion to hide Medicare cuts before election!

  The Obama administration is spending $8 Billion dollars from an account meant for "experiments" to temporarily fund parts of the Medicare Advantage program until after the election in November. Left alone, the Obama adminstration has instituted massive cuts to the Medicare advantage program that millions of seniors will see in October when they update their yearly coverage. The administration wants to steal $8 billion from their slush fund to keep these benefits going until after the election so that the seniors in America will not know that the Obama administration has severely reduced their benefits.

  The GAO released a report calling for an end to this useless, and unintended use of government money. Congress needs to act and stop this political attempt to buy more votes in November. It is disgusting. It is political. It is wrong.

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06 Apr 12
U-3 Unemployment rate drops to 8.2%
u-6 Unemployment rate drops to 14.5%

   The U-3 unemployment rate dropped from 8.3% to 8.2% during the month of march. The U6 unemployment rate dropped from 14.9% to 14.5%. The U-3 rate is the official unemployment rate, which is the proportion of the civilian labor force that is unemployed but actively seeking employment. The U-6 unemployment rate counts not only people without work seeking full-time employment (the more familiar U-3 rate), but also counts "marginally attached workers and those working part-time for economic reasons."

The dropping unemployment rate is deceiving. Click here to read more.

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04 Apr 12
The right to keep and bear arms is a God-given right.

  I found this video of Ted Nugent explaining why we all have a right to protect ourselves, regardless of the 2nd Amendment.

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30 Mar 12
America now has the highest Corporate tax rate in the world at 39.2%

  Starting tomorrow, April 1, 2012, the United States of America will have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Japan is lowering their corporate rate down to 38% tomorrow, going below the 39.2% rate that American corporations pay.In case any of you people do not know this already, corporations pass their taxes onto the consumers, so that 39.2% rate they are paying, you are actually paying.

  Can America survive in the international market when our companies are forced to pay much higher taxes than companies in other countries. Until our rates are lowered, we will continue to have companies refuse to bring thier money back to America from their overseas operations.

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27 Mar 12
Supreme Court hears arguments on Obamacare
Red Cross

  The Supereme Court heard arguments today on the constitutionality of the individual mandate requirement in Obamacare. Lawyers for the Obama administration tried to argue that requiring everyone to buy health insurance isn't outside the perview of the the constitution. Justices Kennedy, Scalia and Alito asked most of the questions, mostly asking what kind of a precedent this will set, if this law is allowed to stand.

  Most of the pundits are saying that today was a very good day for conservatives, and people who know that this law is unconstitutional. The Obama administration is already in CYA mode as they are trying to spin the possability of losing the case as a good thing for Obama. Those of us in the real world know better.

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24 Mar 12
Obama is lying to America about oil Production

  President Obama is out on the campaign trail this week, stretching out the miles, and the truth, when it comes to increased oil production and what the administration is doing to lower gas prices.

Read the full story here.

21 Mar 12
Paul Ryan explains GOP plan to save Medicare...
Don't let the Democrats scare you.

  The video below was released by Senator Pul Ryan to explain how the proposed changes to Medicare will help to lower the costs of medicare and save the program from bankruptcy. The Democrat party is already attacking the plan as bad for old people, and saying that it will force people to eat dog food, and whatever other scare tactics that they can come up with. Meanwhile, the democrats have no plan to save Medicare, even though Predsident Obama himself says that something needs to be done. the U.S. Senate hasn't even passed a budget in over three years thanks to the leadership of Democrat Senator Harry Reid, the Senate leader.

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20 Mar 12
Romney educates "Free birth control" supporter

Mitt Romney made the best statement of his campaign today. Watch the video and enjoy.

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08 Mar 12
CBO now estimates that Obamacare will cost over $1.76 Trillion over next 10 years, doubling Obama estimates.

  A new report from the Congressioinal Budget Office(CBO) says that Obamacare willl actually cost twice as much as democrat estimates predicted when the law was passed.
Click here for story

08 Mar 12
Albany County Legislator trying to ban Cigarette sales in All Albany County Pharmacies.

  Albany county Legislator Tim Nichols of Latham, will be introducing legislation on Monday that would ban the sale of tobacco products in all pharmacies in Albany County. His excuse for his legislation is that pharmacies are supposed to be places people go for "good health" reasons, not bad ones. let's say for arguments sake that Mr. Nichols is correct. By that logic, he should also be proposing legislation to remove all candy bars, potato chips, and all of the other products in the pharmacy that promote "bad health" for the customers that go there.

  I don't know Mr. Nichols. I do not know if he is a big-time liberal like so many of the other members of the Albany County Legislature, who seem to think that it is their job to be our nannies. What I do know is this: Cigarettes and other tobacco products are still legal in NY, at the moment. Pharmacies are businesses and the job of a business is to make money. The Albany County Legislature has no right mandate what legal poducts a business can and cannot sell.

If Mr. Nichols was a man of his convictions, and if he really believes that cigarettes are so evil, he should propose legislation to outlaw the sale of ALL tobacco products in Albany County. But he will not. Because Mr. Nichols and all of his liberal/socialist friends at the Albany County Legislature love all of the tax money that they receive from the sale of these "evil products", and that is all that really matters to these people how represent us.

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08 Mar 12
Breibart Begins vetting of Obama...
something that should have been done 4 years ago.

  Andrew Breitbart may be gone, but the Obama Administration is still feeling the heat of his investigations. The people at released a video that the left has been trying to hide for years. The video show Obama speaking at a rally for Harvard Professor Derrick Bell. Bell was one of the most vocal, anti-semitic, racists, in the tradition of Jeramiah Wright, and other radicals that Obama has denied being a part of. Bell was taking a leave of absence from Harvard, trying to force them to hire "A woman of color" that meets his ideological standards.

  The fact that this video has been concealed by the MSM for years is more evidence that they are derilect in their duties, and have been assisting the Obama administration in it's constant effort to control the flow of information in America. This practice was perfected in early 19th century Germany, the Soviet Union, and other Oppressive Regimes that have tried to control their people. Hopefully, as more videos come out in the coming weeks, the MSM will start to do their jobs again.

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08 Mar 12
Obama sets new deficit record...
$229 Billion in February

   The Obama administration set a new monthly record in February by running a $229 billion dollar deficit. To put it into perspective, the Deficit for the entire year of 2007 was $160 Billion under President Bush. That was the last year before the economy collapsed and is probably the best point of reference for comparison.

  When is this administration, and the congress for that matter, going to start taking this runaway debt and deficit seriously? Don't be fooled by the reports that the recession is over. It may be over on paper, but in the real world, things seem to be getting worse. Gallup just released a report today stating that unemployment is now at 9.1%, up from the 8.3% that this administration was celebrating just two months ago.

  By keeping pressure on Congress and the White House, we may one day get them to finally see what the rest of us already know:

We cannot continue to be a prosperous country while we are spending ourselves into economic oblivian.

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03 Mar 12
Troy Voter fraud case goes to jury

   Closing arguments were made friday in the Troy voter fraud case and the jury began deliberations late in the afternoon. County Democratic Elections Commissioner Edward McDonough and former City Councilman Michael LoPorto are on trial for forging Voter absentee ballots for the Woking faimilies party, which is an offshoot of the now disgraced ACORN organization.

You can read the complete story in the Times Union by clicking this link.

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02 Mar 12

Will Andrew Brietbart's final download be the downfall of Barrack Obama?

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01 Mar 12
Senator Schumer's plan to lower gas prices....
Drill, Saudi Arabia, Drill.

  Senator Chuck Schumer sent a letter to the Secretary of State asking her department to ask Suadi Arabia to increase oil produciton in an attempt to lower gas prices in America. Chuck Schumer will not however, ask President Obama to increase production in America, which would lower prices, create jobs and reduce dependence on oil imports from countries with terrorist ties.

While President Obama is out decrying corporations outsourcing jobs, Senator Schumer is lobbying our State Department to outsource our oil needs and deprive out of work Americans with job opportunities.

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01 Mar 12
Arizona Sheriff releases report....
Obama Birth certificate and Selective Service card are forgeries.

  Maricopa County's Sheriff Joe Arpiao spent the last seven months investigating the validity of President Obama's birth certificate and Selective Service card that have come into question. Several residents of the county asked the sherriff to launch the investigation after the White House released what they called Obama's official birth certificate late last year.

  Some of the findings of the investigation are as follows:

  1. The "official" birth certificate released by the White House last year is a forgery. After detailed analysis they found that some of the dates, stamps, and coloring were added to the document. Anyone who has worked with PDF documents will tell you that when you scan a document into a PDF, it comes in as one layer, like a picture. When you create a document, it has multiple layers, like sheets that lay on top of each other. The Obama birth certificate's dates and stamps were on different layers. What this means is that they were added to the document after it was created.

  2. Obama's Selective Service registration card is a forgery. The date "1980" on the form was forged by someone who took one of the post office stamps from 2008, cut off the 08, and then inverted it to apply it to the form.

  3. While attempting to find out if Obama's family had come from Kenya after his birth, investigators acquired microfilm from the INS. this microfilm had the records of everyone who entered America at the time of President Obama's birth. For the year 1960, there is no microfilm from August 1st to August 7th. The government has not responded to requests for the missing microfilm, which coincidentally is for the time period when Obama's family would have entered America if he were indeed born in Kenya.

  All of this information may seem far-fetched and the ramblings of a crackpot. I am a little off of my nut, but I am only reporting the results of an investigation conducted by one of the most respected law enforcement officers in the country. To read more about the investigation and to see some of the evidence, You can click here. Below, are two of the videos demonstrating portions of the investigation.

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26 Feb 12
Gas prices keep on Rising...
Obama Administration says it is not their fault

  Gas prices are rising almost daily in America with gas in Albany hitting $4.09 at my local Mobil Station. I literally went for a 10 minute ride on Saturday, and when I wet by the station, thye had raised the pirce from $3.95 to $4.09. A 15 cent increase in ten muniutes. I am beginning to think that I am in the wroing line of work.

  This week, the Obama administration has started it's PR campaign of trying to convinve America that there is nothing that they can do to lower gas prices. They are saying that we are living in a "GLobal Market" at the mercy of OPEC and the the Wall Street Speculators. This is about as far away from the truth as you can get without falling off of the face of the earth. The Obama ADminstration has been making a well-planned effort to prevent the production of oil in America. Their Environmental protective views are guiding their policies, and Obama and alot of his Administration actually favor higher gas prices.

Some of the Obama administration's talking points are twisted if not, flat out lies. A few examples are:

  If we had started drilling in ANWR when President Bush had proposed, we would be reaping the benefits of those actions today. One of the Democrats main arguments against drilling in ANWR was that we wouldn't see anything for seven to ten years. Well Democrats, it is now 7 to 10 years later and gas is now $4.00 a gallon.

To read more on the Obama Administration's efforts to control gas prices, you can click here.

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23 Feb 12
Republicans debate in Arizona last night...
CNN refuses to ask important questions.

  There was a Republican debate in Arizona last night. You would think that the debate would be the place for CNN's John King to ask the questions that concern Americans. Some of the ones that I would have asked are:

15 Feb 12
Patroll tax cut deal near...
will add over $100 billion to debt.

  It appears that the Republicans are caving in to the Democrats on the Payrolll tax cut extension. It appears that they are close to a deal that will extend the tax cut throughout the rest of the year with no means to pay for it. What this means to us is that we will add another $100 Billion to our nation's debt, moving us ever closer to the perverbial economic cliff, and burdening our children with paying for even more of our irrresponsible spendiing consequences.

  Payroll taxes are unlike any other tax, in that they are not actually a tax, they are a payment into an insurance fund, known as Social Secusrity, which we draw upon when we retire, or for other circumstances covered by law. The payroll tax cut is reducing revenue into this fund that is already paying out more money than it is taking in, and is forecast to be out of money by 2034. How much longer can we afford to deprive this fund of revenue before the effects are irreversible?

  The republican party ought to be ashamed of themselves for going along with the Payroll tax cut. I know, it is all political during the election year, but that doesn't excuse them from turning their back on their own principles. If I wanted my congressman to act like an irresponsible teenager with a credit card, I would've voted for a democrat. The republicans had better get their act together fast. How can you be the party of fiscal respnsibility, when you act irresponsibly?

I will leave you with this fianl thought:
Which party is goiong to be the one to have the backbone to finally end the payroll tax cut? I say, neither!

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11 Feb 12
Stop the spread of liberalism...
Us the media to spread Conservatism

  Today, the Times Union of Albany published one of my letters in response to an ignorant liberal's letter stating that we no longer need the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

You can read my letter via this link.

  Us conservatives need to take every opportunity to inform the masses about just how wrong liberal ideas are for America, and just how right conservative ideas are. I take every chance I get, to send letters to the local papers and call in to the local radio shows. Al Roney and Paul Vandenburgh are two of the best local shows that afford people like us the opportunity to have our voices heard. If we don't continue to beat the drum of conservatism, people will think that we have gone away. We have not. There are a lot more of us out there than people realize and it is our job to save America from liberalism/socialism/commuinism and all of the other "isms" of the world.

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5 Feb 12
Romney takes Nevada Primary

  Mitt Romney has another Primary win under his belt with his victory in Nevada last night earning 48% of the vote. This gives him 12 more delegates for a total of 80. The candidates need 1144 votes to get the Republican nomination.

Click here for the latest delegate totals.

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27 Jan 12
Who is Rachel Maddow??

  Rachel Maddow, one of MSNBC's "STARS", was a clue on Jeopardy the other night. Too bad no one had a clue about who she is. I guess this just shows you that even MSNBC's top-rated show host doesn't even show up as a blip on America's Radar. If they put a picture of Bill O'Reily up, all three would have rung in.

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25 Jan 12
Senator Schumer says we are in great shape

Senator Schumer seems to think that America is in great shape. I am sure that from where he is sitting it is. Being on the government payroll since the age of 23 must be great. Not having to worry about an income because the system is rigged to ensure that you have a 99% chance of getting re-elected every six years, is a great feeling to have.

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25 Jan 12
Obama misquotes Lincoln at State of the Union..
Uses quote out of context.

Last night, President Obama claimed that he was quoting lincoln when he said:

"We believe, in the words of our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, that through government, we should do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves."

The actual quote from Lincoln reads:

"The legitimate object of government is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done, but cannot do at all, or cannot so well do, for themselves, in their separate and individual capacities. In all that the people can individually do as well for themselves, government ought not to interfere."

By omitting the second part of the quote, Obama changes the whole meaning of the quote. Lincoln wanted the government to be a last resort for people, after all other options have failed. Obama wants government to be the people's only option.

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15 Jan 12
Troy voter Fraud...
How many Democrats are involved, and will they pay the price.

The Voter Fraud case in Troy is getting bigger and bigger as the weeks go by. To date, there are at least 10 Democrats who have either pled guilty, been granted immunity for their testimony, or have been indicted for their roles in forging absentee ballots and other crimes related to the elections in Troy, NY.

For a complete list of all the key players in the scandal, and you can view it by clicking on this link.

This investigation is being led by Special Prosecutor Trey Smith, who also happens to be a Democrat. The FBI, and the NYS Police are also involved in the investigation which has so far empanelled two Grand Juries, and has resulted in indictments and guilty pleas from no fewer than 8 Democrats.

The Questions that the people around the Capital region should be asking are as follows:

  1. Are these crimes limited to the democrats of Troy, or are these tactics being used by Republicans as well?
  2. Is this behavior limited to just Troy, or is it happening elsewhere, in places like Albany and Schenectady?
  3. Are these illegal acts limited to absentee ballots, or our voting machines also being tampered with?

The residents of Troy, and the entire Capital Region, ought to be holding Trey Smith's feet to the fire. One of our most sacred rights has been stolen from us by the Democrats of Troy. They have in essence voided our votes, and tried to manipulate and control our election process. The people who are found to have been involved in these voter fraud actions, need to be procecuted to the fullest extent of the law. By giving these people a slap on the wrist will just be an endorsement of their actions and lead to even more voter fraud.

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08 Jan 12
NAACP attacks Gingich for Food stamp comment....
even though he is correct.

The NAACP and others are attacking Newt Gingrich for a comment he said concerning blacks and Food stamps. Too bad Newt was correct.

Food stamp recipients by Race

02 Jan 12
Bradley Russell Posts Wanted poster of Albany Officer...
Claims that it is Satire.

After the Albany Police finally broke up the Occupy Albany protests last week, one of the protestors posted a "wanted poster" of the Albany officer who pepper sprayed the crowd after they attacked him and his horse. That protestor is Bradley Russell, a professor at the College of Saint Rose, who is a supporter of radical left-wingers like Cornell West. Below is a link to the text of a statement from someone claiming to be Mr. Russell posted in the Times Union.

Click here to read his letter

Here is a video of Mr. Russell claiming that he isn't endorsing any violence against the officer. He just wants some of his friends to go to his house and bang on their love-drums.

In case anyone is wondering what Bradley Russell does when he is not sleeping in a tent on public land, his Linkedin page says that he is currently teaching our children at the College of Saint Rose. He has a Ph.D in Anthropology/Archeology, but apparently no education in our Constitution or the laws of the city of Albany.

06 Dec 11
Governor Cuomo breaks no taxes pledge,
raises tax rate on job creators by 29%

Governor Cuomo broke his campaign pledge of not raising taxes today, by striking a deal with the cowards who sit in our State Senate and Assembly to revise most of the tax rates and add a new permanent rate for the the wealthiest of New Yorkers, essentially making the temporary millionaires surtax permanent. Here is a list of the new rates for the various income levels.

Income Old Tax Rate Surtax Rate New Tax Rate % Increase
Over $2,000,000 6.85% 8.97% 8.82% +29%
$300,000 - $2,000,000 6.85% 7.85 - 8.97% 6.85% 0%
$150,000 - $300,000 6.85% 6.85% 6.65% -2.9%
$40,000 - $150,000 6.85% 6.85% 6.45 -5.8%

The new rates will be a 29% tax increase for the top earners in NY from the old rates. Would you like a 29% tax increase?

Since 2009, 20% of the millionaires in NY have moved elsewhere. How many more do you think are going to leave with these new permanent tax rates enacted by our incompetent leaders. As far as all of you people who are applauding this new tax plan, how long before you are the one on the receiving end of a tax increase? How many of you will get laid-off or not hired at all because the small business owner can't hire anyone due to the new higher tax rates?

The State of NY is a disgrace. The Albany County legislature is beyond being a disgrace. They are just pathetic with their new 8% tax increase that I will have to pull out of my ass to pay. Good thing that times are bad, just think how much they would raise your taxes if we actually had money.

Comments and Gripes

03 Dec 11
Albany County Legislature wants an 8% tax increase

The Albany County Legislature once again proved that they are incapable of doing their jobs. They now want an 8% tax increase on the taxpayers of Albany to continue to fund their entitlement programs for those of us who won't or can't take care of themsleves.

The biggest financial burden Albany County has is the Albany County Nursing home, which has a $20,000,000 defecit this year. The County Legislature refuses to shut it down and save us taxpayers millions of dollars because they are beholden to the unions that provide the workforce that runs the nursing home. They are also under the delusion that it is somehow the government's, and by proxy, the taxpayers of Albany County, responsible to take care of these people. There are already programs in place,such as medicare, medicaid, welfare, and other programs, that we already pay for through other taxes, that can take care of any needs these people have.

The Albany County Legislature, in all of its wisdom, also left the door open so that they can vote themselves a nice pay raise this year. Meanwhile the rest of us, will have to suck it up and pay an extra 8% in Albany county taxes this year. These part-time employees, enjoy bloated salaries of $21,752, a pension system, and a healthcare plan. Not bad for a part-time job. We also have the largest County government in the state of NY at 39 members. We are the disgrace and the shame of NY politics.

Comments and Gripes

30 Nov 11
Albany County Legislature votes to override 2% tax cap

Last night, the Albany County Legislature, voted to oveerride the states new 2% tax cap. This should come as a surprise to no one in Albany County. This legislature has proven time and time again, that they do not care about the financial situation of it's taxpayers, and they would rather take the easy way out, and raise everyone'e taxes, once again, instead of making the tought choices that they are overpaid for.

Our county Legislature just loves to spend money.

Comments and Gripes

30 Oct 11
Occupy Wall Street, Grassroots movement...
or Bowel movement.

The Occupy Wall street movement is turning more and more violent every day. Is it time for our law enforcement people to do their jobs and shut them down?
Click here to read more

30 Sept 11
Herman Cain appears on Tonight Show
25 Sept 11
Herman Cain wins Florida Straw Poll

Herman Cain took 37% of the total vote in Saturday's Florida straw poll, beating the combined totals of both Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. Michele Bachmannn got 1% and it looks like her 15 minutes of fame is coming to a quick end.

Herman Cain continues to impress voters and it seems that the more people hear him speak, the more people he wins over with his charisma and intelligence. The MSM and even Fox news continues to write off Cain as an anomoly, but with ever-increasing poll numbers and support, how much longer can they affod to ignore the success story that is Herman Cain.

19 Sept 11
The Decline and fall of Pine Hills

Me and my family live in the Pine Hills District of Albany, NY. We are on a quiet little side street with lots of trees and not a lot of traffic. I used to be happy to tell people where I lived and would recommend to people that they move to the neighorhood.

Well, that time has officially passed. Last night was the last straw for me. I had bought me a nice bike about 4 months ago to try to get in better shape and also to save a little gas money by riding to work every day. Well last week I put my bike on my porch and locked it up like a lot of people in Albany do. When I awoke this morning and went to load my bike onto my car, it was gone. Some low-life dirt bag, came onto my porch during the night, cut my chain, and stole my Bicycle. He not only stole my property, he violated my home. The fact that someone can just do this to people at will is what really upsets me. It makes you think "IF they can do this, what else can they do?"

Apparently, this is not a unique experience for Pine Hills. One of our neighbors had their outdoor furniture stolen a few months ago, and numerous people have had their vehicles vandalized and broken into. When it gets to the point where you have to make a conscious effort to make sure that everything you own is locked up and hidden from view, just so that you don't have it stolen, it is time to re-evaluate where you live. I will not live like I am in a prison. I will not let my daughter grow up in a neighborhood where we do not feel safe in the day, or at night. Apparently, the Albany Police Department seems to be satisfied with just filling out reports and blowing off all the crimes as just "immature acts by the local college kids." There is no excuse or justification for committing crimes. I don't care if it is a Sophomore at the College of Saint Rose, or if it is a crack head from the Arbor hill section of Albany. I have had enough.

So, since Mayor Gerald Jennings, the Albany Common Council, and the Albany Police Department will not, or cannot address the crime problem in the Pine Hills section of our city, I will be selling my home as quickly as possible and getting the hell out of the entire city. I will be yet another former resident of Albany, joining the many others that have fled due to the declining standard of living in neighborhoods.

Comments and Gripes
19 Sept 11
Obama's new plan to save our economy...
Raise taxes.

President Obama came out with his new plan to save our economy this weekend. Raise Taxes. Our President is putting forward the "Buffet Rule" which he says will level the playing field between the middle class and the so-called rich people of America. Under the plan, the capital gains rate of 15% will be raised on the richest of investors so that they will be paying their "Fair Share", whatever that means.

Obama has been President for almost three years now and the best idea he has to save our economy is to raise taxes. If passed, these new taxes won't even put a dent in the deficit, will hamper job growth, and will bring us even closer to the double-dip recession that more and more economists see in our not-so-distant future.

The Replicans and Tea Party representatives in the House of Representatives will not allow this bill to pass. That is because they know what most of America knows:

We do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem!!

08 Aug 2011

"We have always been, and will always be, a Triple-A rated country."

....Barack Obama, three days after America was downgraded to AA+ credit rating status by S & P.

Is it just me, or does he sound like a two year-old child in denial. I am sure that the market will respond positively to his comments. It only fell an addtional 250 points yesterday after his inspiring refusal to deal with reality, resulting in a total frop for the day of 634 points.

NY Senate leader Dean Skelos destroys families of NY...
Allows gay marriage vote, against will of Republicans.

26 Jun 2011
NY Senate Majority leader Dean Skelos has succeeded in doing what no New York Repulican has ever done; He has allowed the destruction of the family and morality in NY forever. Will the Republicans of the NYS Senate allow him to stay in power?

click here to read more.

Obama in violation of War Powers Act

21 May 2011

President Obama is Currently in violation of the 1973 War Powers Resolution

click here to read more.

Bullies, Cowards, and the DNC

18 Feb 2011
The situation in Wisonsin has shown the true colors of the unions and the DNC.
clicke here to read about the bullying cowards of the DNC

Posted...06 Feb 2011

Obama adminstration manipulating energy Market for political purposes

Is the Obama administration deliberately raisng the price of Fossil fuels to help push through it's Green Jobs agenda.Click here to read my thoughts on this ongoing manipulation of today's energy market for political purposes.

Price of Gas

Posted...12 Feb 2011

Atals Shrugged coming to Big Screen, watch the trailer.

Posted...10 Feb 2011

AFGE Boss didn't get memo on new age of civility

Posted...03 Feb 2011

Healthcare repeal vote fails in Senate 47-51

The vote to repeal the unconstitutional Obamacare law failed yesterday by a 47-51 party-line vote. Now it lookd like it will be up to the Supreme Court to end this new slavery of America's citizenry to the federal government.

Posted...25 Jan 2011

NYS Senator Kruger trying to pass law banning Ipods while walking

NYS Senator Carl Kruger is introducing legislation in the NYS Senate on Wednesday that will make it illegal to be listening to an I-pod, or texting while crossing a street in the state of New York. Senator Kruger's Facebook page can be accesssed by clicking the link. Send him a message and let him know that we do not want his nanny state legislation, we want him and his friends in the New York state legislature to fix the state budget, lower our trax burden, and create jobs in NY. That is what they were hired for, not to try to slowly take away all of our freedoms.

Senator Kruger is a Democrat, so it comes as no surprise to me that he would want to punish the majority of the population just bacause of the actions of a few people in the minority who probably can't even tie their own shoes. In my opinion; let them get run over. We have been interfering with the process of natural selection for way too long now. There are way too many stupid people walking the streets. I really don't mind them, but now they are starting to hurt those of us with a brain.

Posted...22 Jan 2011

One term President...
Obama thinks that he should be.

Posted...21 Jan 2011

Children of illegal aliens cost LA county $600,000,000 a year...
Taxpayers foot the bill

It is being reported that the children of illegal aliens in Los Angeles county, California are costing taxpayers $600 million per year in social servics. This does not even cover the cost incurred by the illegal parents of these children.

Are we, as taxpayers going to continue to bear the cost of our governments failure to secure our borders, and is it not time to amend the 14th amendment to our constitution, so that children of illegal aliens are not granted automatic American citizenship.

This is not a race issue, so all of you liberal haters can just shut the hell up. It is a law enforcement, national security, constitutional, and economic issue. If you fail to realize that we cannot continue to be a dumping ground for every illega alien, without restrictions, than you are too simple to even breathe the same air as those of us who actually use our brains.

Posted...20 Jan 2011

House of Representatives votes to repeal Unconstitutional Healthcare law

Last night, the house of Representatives voted to repeal the unconstitutional Healthcare law by a vote of 245-189. Three Democrats voted with all of the Republicans in an attempt to get rid of a bill that was passed by a congress, that didn't even take the time to read it, before voting on it.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says that he will not bring the bill up to the floor for a vote. God forbid, he should bend to the will of the poeple of America. There are other procedural measures that the Republicans are looking at to try to force a vote, but don't hold your breath.

The next step for Republicans is to pass new laws that will actually lower healthcare costs in our country. They will also do their best to prevent any tax money from being used to fund the unconstitutional Obamacare law.

Posted...06 Jan 2011

Biden compromises with 3 year old...
Is this how they passed Obamacare?

Yesterday, as vice president Biden was attempting to swear in one of the incoming senator's, a three year old ran off with his notes. The video below shows how Biden dealt with the problem.

The video is cute on it's face, and shows that even Joe is human, but as I watched it, I couldn't help but think that this is the same way that the Democrats got Obamacare, and numerous other unwanted bills, through the congress. It goes something like this:

  1. Offer your oppostition a bribe.
  2. If he takes the bribe, everyhing is fine. If he doesn't, go to step three.
  3. Distract him with slight of hand, and then just take what you want.
  4. Convince your opposition that he got the better end of the deal

Posted...05 Jan 2011

Ding, Dong the witch is dead...
Nancy Pelosi hands gavel to John Boehner today.

Today is the day that House majority leader Nancy Pelosi hands her gavel over to incoming Republican John Boehner. Let's hope that the gavel will be used as a hammer for the next to years to help undo all of the liberal anti-capitalist damage that has been done to our Republic under the leadership of the Democrat Party.

healthcare march

Posted...07 Nov 2010

69 years ago today....
The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Take a moment today to remember the men and women who died in the second largest attack on our country. Never forget that we are never truly safe, and that we must always remain vigilainte against aggressors.

Posted...28 Nov 2010

Obama caves on Tax increases...
infuriates progressives, democrats and liberals around the country.

President Obama has come to an agreement with Republicans and Conservatives concerning the pending tax increases when the Bush tax cuts were set to expire at the end of the year. Under the compromise, all current tax rates will be extended for 2 more years, unemployment insurance will be extended for 13 more months, capital gains rates will remain at 15%, and the inheritence tax will only go from 0 to 25%.

Posted...29 Nov 2010

Will the U.S. continue to decline, as Europe comes to their senses.

Posted...28 Nov 2010

Federal government shutting down websites without due process

The Department of Homeland Security is using newly instituted federal powers to shut down websites that it sees as violating federal copyright laws, without due process. Most of these sights are used for illegally downloading music and movie files, and others are sites that illegally sell imitation products, like fake handbags,football jerseys, and other trademarked items

Everyone in America probably agrees that these sites are skirting the law and should be shut down. The problem is, do we forego our constitutional protections to do so. The unilateral decision by DHS to shut down these sites violates the 1st, 4th, and probably the 5th amendments to the U.S. Constitution. If we allow our government to violate the constitution as it concerns these websites, what is to make you think that they will respect your rights when they want to come after something that you hold dear.

Our Constitution is the law of the land. To allow our government to circumvent it in the name of expedience, is both dangerous and wrong.

Posted...06 Nov 2010

Albany County proposes Sales tax icrease to 8.5%

The Albany County Legislature, with all of it's wisdom, has sent a request to New York State, asking permission to raise the sales tax rate in Albany county from 8 to 8.5%. This comes on the heels of tax increases from every other blood-sucking government beurocracy in New York.

Here are some of the areas where New York leads the rest of America:

Albany County passed a "temporary" 1% tax increase from 7 to 8% in the 1980's. This tax increase was never rescinded, and now they want to increase it even more, instead of doing the job that they were hired for. The legislators for Albany County are suppposed to wisely spend the money that is provided to them by the taxpayers. They are not suppposed to spend money that is not provided to them by the taxpayers. When their is not enough money to pay for expenditures, that means that you are spending too much, and need to make spending cuts, otherwise, you are derilect in your duties.

With a 10% increase in Albany School taxes, a proposed 15% increase in Albany county taxes, and increases in Albany city taxes, where do you legislators think that we have the extra money lying around to give to you. We are still in a recession, whether or not the government wants to admit it, and signs of inflation are starting to appear as food manufacturers have reported that they are raising prices anywhere from 5% to 15 % on their products.

This proposed tax increase will do nothing more than drive me, and everyone that I can convince, to shop outside of Albany county. It will be harmful to everyone, but mostly to Big-ticket businesses, like car dealers in the area. This will be one more reason for businesses to stay the hell out of Albany County, NY. If you want to promote Growth, and a businesses friendly environment, why don't you try lowering the sales tax rate to 7%, where it should have been after the two year "Temporary" increase. That would go a long way to helping Albany become an area where people would actually wnat to live and work again.

I would love to hear what everyone thinks of this new proposal. You can e-mail me at or you can click the $quot;comments and gripes" link below.

Posted...22 Oct 2010

Is this our future if we do not make the changes necessary to save our Republic?

Hold your Legislators accountable

Posted...18 Oct 2010

Does anyone in New York remember the Senate shutdown of last year. That was the day that New York government went from dysfunctional to pathetic. The Republicans launched a takeover of the Senate, and the Democrats responded by shutting off the lights and locking the doors. Legislative business in Albany came to a standstill while the legal argument went before the courts.

Not much has changed in NY since then. Our Legislature is still dysfunctional, and they continue to raise taxes and spend money recklessly, without any signs of remorse or guilt. Those of us in NY bear witness to a govenrment that has done everything in their power to make sure that they are not held accountable by the people that they represent.

Assemblyman Jack Mceneny, collects a pension and a paycheck, for the same job. He "retired" from the assembly on December 31st to collect his pension, and then "started" his new job as assemblyman the next day, drawing both a pension and a paycheck for the same job. He is screwing New Yorkers to the tune of $180,000 per year. He will be the first one to tell you that his actions were legal, and they were. But they are also indicative of the kind of behavior from our representatives that has filled us with disgust and contempt for a system that is seriously out of touch with it's constituency.

Here in Albany, Mayor Jennings has just proposed a city tax increase of 7%. That is on top of a voter-approved 3.8% school tax increase that somehow morphed into a 10% increase. Also we are facing a 15% Albany county tax increase thanks to our county Executive Michael Breslin, the brother of Senator Neil Breslin, who was responsible for locking the doors and turning off the lights in the Senate Coup.

Now is the time for all New Yorkers to rise up on election day and vote out these incumbents, who feel that they are no longer held accountable by the people of New York.

This is one of the best patriotic songs that I have heard in a long time.

Posted 06 Oct 2010...Summer of Recovery loses another 39000 jobs

President Obama's Summer of recovery has lost another 39000 private sector jobs this week. This comes tow days before the unemployment figures for October are released, and many experts are saying that the unemployment rate is going to rise to 9.7 or 9.8%.

This news should open a few more independent and liberal eyes to the fact that Obama's stimulus bill is not doing anything to stimulate our economy. Things are continuing to worsen, and the only way that we are going to turn our economy around is to let more of the people who create the jobs in this country, keep more of their money, so that they can create the jobs that are needed for the millions of people who continue to look for work.