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03 Mar 2015
Hillary Speaks

Today, Hillary Clinton took Questions about her E-mail scandal. What we found out was that she set up her own server because she thought it would be more convenient for her. I guess the idea that the rules were not made to be convenient for her, didn't matter. She also informed us that she deleted e-mails that she determined were personal, and none of our business. Would that include e-mails discussing illegal contributions to her foundation from foreign countries? Would that include personal e-mails to her friends discussing how to eliminate conservative groups influence on the 2012 election by having the IRS slow down applicaitons for tax-exempt status? Or maybe they were just personal e-mails that she deleted discussing the administration's actions the night that our ambassador and three others were murdered in Benghazi, Libya.

The problem is: Thanks to Hillary's decision to circumvent rules and laws, we will never know for sure exactly what e-mails were deleted. Maybe if we are lucky, they will show up at the Whie House like the miraculous re-appearance of the Rose Law Firm Billing records that were supbeonaed in the 90's. They magically appeared after two years and Hillary still has no clue how they got there.

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